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Introduction Edit

Exercise is the Puppets Sport Relief Special, released in early 2008. It is also the first episode of the Puppets and it is counted as Episode 1. The name of the episode is named after the song 'Exercise', which is sung by Red and takes up most of the episode. This episode is the first episode in which Red, Croc, Judy, Punch and Granny appear, although Punch and Croc appear in short roles.

Cast Edit

Red: Voiced by Zebdeesvids (a.k.a Seb)

Judy: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Punch: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Croc: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Granny: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Story Edit

Red announces that she will sing a song about Exercise for Sport Relief and she immediately starts singing.... quite badly. She sings about star jumping, but is interupted by Croc, who asks 'Do you mean Suicide?' Red continues singing but is interupted again. She starts singing again and is again interupted by Croc, who she throws off stage. Red starts singing 'Now running around all day like a horse is not what you really need', but she is interupted by Judy. Judy wants to appear in the music video too, but Red tells Judy to go away.

Red continues to sing about rugby, cricket, football. When she starts singing about tennis, Punch appears. Red accidentally whacks Punch several times, as she pretends to be whacking balls with a tennis racket. Punch then gets annoyed with Red and Red gets annoyed with Punch, who she puts in a headlock before super-slapping him, and he is knocked off stage. Red comments 'That felt so good' before continuing to sing. She insults Punch and Judy in the song, calling Judy pregnant. Red is then grabbed by Judy and taken off stage. Judy then comments 'That felt so good' as Red did.

Judy then insults Red calling her fat and ugly, as Red had called her obese. Judy is then interupted by a green flying thing, that turns out to be Granny. Granny says 'Oh no it's the idiotic woman who married my husband Punch'. Granny and Judy then have a fight, which Granny wins. Granny then says 'That felt so good'. Red then appears, crying, saying that her music video went wrong, before she trips and leaves the stage.

Continuity Edit

General Facts Edit

  • This is the first episode of the Puppets, so it is the first to feature Judy, Croc, Punch, Granny and Red.
  • This is the only episode to be based around a song (Exercise).
  • This episode has the least number of cast members.
  • Episode 2 was originally going to be Episode 1 as the first part of it had been filmed before this episode, but as Sport Relief was coming up, this episode was filmed.
  • This episode is entirely produced by Zebdeesvids, so it is the only episode where Seb voices Judy when she isn't singing. the Characters had already been created so Zebdeesvids knew how to voice them.
  • This is the only episode in the series not to feature Woody (although he is dead for most of episode 4) and also the only episode in the series not to feature Woolfy. Policeman also fails to appear.