Judy and Punch's Wedding


Punch - The Groom
Judy - The Bride
Policeman - Stand In Vicar
Croc - Judy's Stand In Father
Red - Objected
Granny - Waited in the Stalls


The Wedding Story

This is a detailed account of Punch and Judy's wedding, as seen in Episode 2 of the Puppets, The Wedding Story. Judy and Punch's Wedding was at their Village church hall. It was 10 years before Episode 1 of the Puppets.

The Guest List Edit

Judy - The Bride

Punch - The Groom

Policeman - The stand in Vicar

Croc - Judy's stand in Father

Granny - Waited outside

Red - Objected

What Happened Edit

Origins of the Wedding Edit

Punch and his mother moved to the Village 5 years before the wedding. Judy moved there a few months later and as soon as Punch and Judy met, they fell in love. Punch soon proposed, although Granny strongly objected to it, as she disliked Judy.

Before the Wedding Edit

Judy and Granny started fighting, after Granny told Judy she couldn't marry Punch. Red asked Granny if she could marry him, Granny told her she could when she was older. Punch was having doubts due to his mum, and he told them to Policeman, before adding that Policeman had to be the Vicar. Judy and Punch had a little kiss before getting ready for the wedding.

The Wedding Edit

Punch and Policeman were the first at the church, Granny then entered and shouted at Punch, telling him about her dislike for Judy. Punch told her to leave as she was ruining the wedding. Judy, arm in arm with Croc who was standing in for her father, enters as the wedding march begins to play. The Wedding March turns into the Simpson's theme tune at the end, as Judy and Punch wanted it.

Policeman began by telling the audience (Croc), that they were gathered here today to witness the union of two (glances at Judy), one lovely person. After asking Punch whether he'd like to marry Judy, Punch asked 'Am I marrying her?' before quickly adding 'I mean yes I do'. Judy then said I do in a rather strange voice. Red then charged in saying 'I Object! I am so objecting! I Love you Punch'. She then got into a fight with Judy while Punch said 'I can't love you I'm getting married. Croc then joined in with the fight and he ended up throwing himself and Red offstage.

Policeman apologised for the interuption and Judy and Punch kissed... to no applause (due to the lack of an audience).

After the Wedding Edit

Punch and Judy's relationship grew, as Granny continued to hate her, as did Red. Judy then had a baby, called Woolfy.