Suicide is Croc's favourite phrase and possibly the favourite phrase of any member in Suicidal Industry. It is not known how long this has been Croc's favourite phrase, possibly since Croc joined Suicidal Industry. Croc's favourite thing is to attempt to blow someone up with himself, but he always fails.

Mentions Edit

Series 1 Edit

We first hear Croc say the word 'Suicide' in episode 1 of the Puppets, in which he interupts Red's song by asking 'Do you mean suicide?', Red then throws Croc offstage after getting very annoyed with him.

In Episode 2, Red tells us that Croc always commits suicide and fails... but that he always likes to take someone with him. Croc says suicide while he attacks Red and lets off his bomb. It is later revealed that Croc always used to say Suicide and at Punch and Judy's Wedding, Croc shouted Suicide as he stopped Red from ruining the wedding by throwing them both offstage.

In Episode 3, Croc enters, says 'Tumbleweed!' and then 'Suicide!' before expaining that he can smell blood.

Episode 4 is all about Suicidal Industry and Croc says 'Suicide' at several occassions, but he also says alot more.