The Dinosaur/ Weird Thing



First Appearance

The Murders

Appearance(s) since

Suicidal Industry, The Christmas Special and Concert Killer


Member of Suicidal Industry

The Dinosaur is a weird thing that appears in Episode 3 of Series 1 of the Puppets. It has appeared in a few more episode's since, although it was killed in Episode 4 Suicidal Industry. It is revealed that the Dinosaur was one of the three remaining members of Suicidal Industry, the others being Mousy and Croc.


The Murders Edit

The Dinosaur first appeared in Episode 3 of Series 1. Judy mistakened it for Croc's brother, but then it attacked her. The Dinosaur killed Judy and left her, she was then found by Red, who decides to take her body to Policeman, when Red exits, the Dinosaur drags Judy offstage. The Dinosaur leaves Judy again when he gets scared by Punch, so Punch takes Judy with him. Woody is then attacked by the Dinosaur and killed. When Red finds Woody she tries to resusitate him until the Dinosaur returns. They then get into a fight, in which Red Super-slaps the dinosaur to little effect. The Dinosaur kills Red, when he throws Woody's body on top of her injured self.