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The Puppets Specials include The Christmas Special (2008) and Ghosts and Crocodiles (2009 Christmas Special). Judy and Granny appear in both specials although they are dead. The Dinosaur appears in the first Christmas Special, he earlier appeared in The Murders/Suicidal Industry. Red appears at the end of the first Christmas Special and briefly in the second with Woody. The other main and recurring characters appear in both. There are also new characters who appear such as Triceratops.

It is unknown whether The Puppets Movie will be included as part of the Specials, as it is based in Series 1.

The Specials Synopsis Edit

The Christmas Special is set several months after The Disease of Med-Rare, which is the last episode of Series 1. Judy and Granny go up to Purgatory where they meet a Triceratops, they then have to find Heaven, but they meet the Dinosaur, who almost killls Judy again. They manage to escape the Dinosaur in the end. Meanwhile, Punch and Woolfy are going to leave the village, and Minnie comes to look round Punch's house with her dog Pluto. Pluto escapes but is later found thanks to Policeman. Croc and the others persuade Punch and Woolfy to stay. Red arrives at the end and sings All I Want For Christmas, on a specially built stage.

In Ghosts and Crocodiles, Granny and Judy are still in Heaven with Triceratops. Punch, Croc and Policeman are feeling lonely, when Croc gets a girlfriend......

Recurring Cast Edit

Judy: Voiced by Paul

Granny: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Policeman: Voiced by Paul

Croc: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Woolfy: Voiced by Paul

Punch: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Percy: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Giraffe: Voiced by Paul

Zebra: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Red: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Woody: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

The Dinosaur: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

For The Christmas Special Cast see here, and for Ghosts and Crocodiles Cast see here.

Episodes Edit

Xmas 2008: The Christmas Special

Xmas 2009: Ghosts and Crocodiles

The Puppets Movie (Possibly included here)